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Osomatsu-san: Bitter Restart :iconyarasworld:YarasWorld 6 1
Request: I think you're great by YarasWorld Request: I think you're great :iconyarasworld:YarasWorld 10 3 Request: Shoot on Matsu by YarasWorld Request: Shoot on Matsu :iconyarasworld:YarasWorld 5 1 Art Trade: I NEVER ASKED FOR THIS! by YarasWorld Art Trade: I NEVER ASKED FOR THIS! :iconyarasworld:YarasWorld 3 5 Request: Elena x Steeljaw Stuff by YarasWorld Request: Elena x Steeljaw Stuff :iconyarasworld:YarasWorld 7 9 Request: Nii-San by YarasWorld Request: Nii-San :iconyarasworld:YarasWorld 6 1 Art Trade: Season 3 Stuff by YarasWorld Art Trade: Season 3 Stuff :iconyarasworld:YarasWorld 4 5 Art Trade: Interesting Type of Robot by YarasWorld Art Trade: Interesting Type of Robot :iconyarasworld:YarasWorld 13 6 Bitter Restart by YarasWorld
Mature content
Bitter Restart :iconyarasworld:YarasWorld 11 2
Hanamatsu Matsuno by YarasWorld Hanamatsu Matsuno :iconyarasworld:YarasWorld 10 3 New members for my collection by YarasWorld New members for my collection :iconyarasworld:YarasWorld 7 3 Art Trade: Transformation by YarasWorld Art Trade: Transformation :iconyarasworld:YarasWorld 8 5
Rules and Principles
Strongarm looked over to her appearence and observed the peace on the scrapyard for now. She then called for her rule book... but instead of look for violations or any possibly wrong thing, she just stared at those words on the screen.
"Something wrong, cadet?" She heard Lt. Bumblebee's voice behind her and turned around surprised. "Reviewing your studies or some kind of strategy?"
"Uh... no, i was-" She had no excuses. She knew he would know something WAS indeed troubling her mind. Sighing, she turned off her screen. "Sir... I've been thinking about the past events and that includes all the criminals arrested and aprehended..."
"A-and... I was thinking about..." There it goes. "...quitting the academy."
Bee's optics widened. She was the last possible bot he believed he would hear those words from.
"Really? But why?" Well, he didn't seemed angry at her. Just curious over that statement.
"I just can't bare it... A-All the restrictions, all the rules I've learned for so long were
:iconyarasworld:YarasWorld 5 0
TF: Goldbug - Episode 4: Sleepy Goldie
Goldie bounced up and down on the trampoline. It was pretty late already and all the team was recharging, except for Bumblebee, who admire the energy his child had and Russell, who had just finished a movie marathon.
“Look! I’m Grandpa Optimus, flying with his huge wings!” She waved her arms, laughing.
“Oh-okay, you little flying cutie. Time to land and go to bed.” Bee picked her up as she fell.
“Awww, but I’m not tire- *yawn* Okay, maybe I am a little tired.” Goldie said, yawning and rubbing her optics. Bee chuckled, carrying her to the berth, and setting her to recharge.
“I know what might help. Russell, is that storybook still with you?”
“Right here.” Russell settled up to tell Goldie a story. “So, what would you like to hear tonight, Goldie? Snow White? Beauty and the Beast? Ugly Duckling?”
“No, no, no. You told all of those already, Uncle Rusty.” Goldie shook her head. “You told e
:iconyarasworld:YarasWorld 5 16
Art Trade: Greninja by YarasWorld Art Trade: Greninja :iconyarasworld:YarasWorld 10 1 Simply Goldie by YarasWorld Simply Goldie :iconyarasworld:YarasWorld 10 1

What you expect to see on Restart! Osomatsu-san? 

2 deviants said Girlymatsu
2 deviants said FEELS
1 deviant said Better Karamatsu treating
1 deviant said F6
1 deviant said Comedy
1 deviant said Other
No deviants said Past Osomatsu-kun characters returning

I tried making an RiD look for my TFA OC Starshine, but didn't had much success. Any of you guys could help me? 

6 deviants said Keep trying.
2 deviants said Sure, why not?
No deviants said No way!

Oversleeping: Good or Bad? 

20 deviants said Both
4 deviants said Good
3 deviants said Bad

My list of husbandos for now. Which you prefer? 

6 deviants said Karamatsu Matsuno (Osomatsu-san)
4 deviants said Steeljaw (Transformers: RiD 2015)
4 deviants said Swindle (Transformers: Animated)

RiD question: Which Steeljaw possible back story? 

7 deviants said Betrayed by a good friend
5 deviants said Genetically created with false memories
2 deviants said Lived once in a place that was devastated by the war
2 deviants said More than one opton (comment)
1 deviant said Other (Comment too)

Osomatsu-san ask: Are you a... 

5 deviants said Karamatsu Boy/Girl?
2 deviants said Osomatsu Boy/Girl?
2 deviants said Jyushimatsu Boy/Girl?
1 deviant said Choromatsu Boy/Girl?
No deviants said Ichimatsu Boy/Girl?
No deviants said Todomatsu Boy/Girl?

I still have two plushies waiting to be adopted.… 

5 deviants said Anyone interested?

Which movie you can't wait to see the most? 

6 deviants said Cars 3
5 deviants said Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie
5 deviants said Smurfs: The Lost Village
5 deviants said Despicable Me 3
3 deviants said Coco


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For now, I'll only let you guys know the opening and ending songs I've choosed to it.

SIX FAME FACES ~舞台も最高!!!!!!ffffff!!!! (Opening)

ALL WE NEET with LOVE (Ending)

Both come from Osomatsu-san on Stage: Six Men's Show Time!.

Bumblebee: A young team leader, Earth enthusiast and cowboy and rock fan. Although almost always having a hard time keeping up with the responsibilities of a leader, and an even worse time trying to show how cool the planet is, he never gives up no matter what, and is always willing to help who needs him.

Steeljaw: Once a feared Decepticon that wanted Earth to his faction, a change of events led him to join the team. He’s experienced in leadership, clever and undeniably attractive in many ways, but still feels left out of the team due to his horrible past, his only friend and closer thing to a brother being Bee.

Strongarm: Studying to advance on her Police Academy ranking, this dedicated cadet has to learn to leave her reading and know-it-all attitude to a minimum, for the well-being of her relationship with the team. Especially her field partner, that constantly annoys her.

Sideswipe: This rebel bot may act and sound silly and painful often, but one thing he’s not is slow. A great fighter and loyal teammate, when not kicking Decepticon skidplates, his favourite hobby is annoy the scrap out of his friends.

Grimlock: Dinobots rule, and Grim can prove it. His spark is big as his size and innocence, but that never keeps him from helping his hero Bumblebee and the team in general…unfortunately, also doesn’t keep him of knocking stuff everywhere on the scrapyard.

Fixit: The team’s Minicon medic, engineer and informer. Some wires loose apart, he’s anything but useless: this small orange buddy will stand up for anything wrong and fight anyone that threatens the team.

Somehow, a portal to another dimension is opened, and Bumblebee is sucked into it. Once seeing himself in a similar, and yet different place, he ends up seeing Steeljaw. The two threaten and almost fight, but their discussion is cut short by that world’s Bumblebee, who doesn’t have his voice box fixed and surprises them both.

After he escapes, Steeljaw apologizes for the inconvenience, and Bee is left completely confused over what just happened. Luckily, when Steel (he tells him he prefers being call this way) takes him to the steelmill and introduces him to his team, he explains that in that universe, the Decepticons are protectors of the universe, traveling in the Alchemor to fights against the ruthless Autobots. However, their ship was crashed and their companions lost around the Earth. Their only weapons are their “Autobot Attackers” (that world’s Decepticon Hunters).

That world’s Bumblebee reunites with his team and he plans to open a portal to his lord’s return, and the extraction of the planet’s energy sources would serve them on the subject.

As they get to know each other better, Bee ends up finding Steel loves the Earth as much as he does, and that he feels he has a home again. This makes Bee question himself over Steeljaw’s reasons, and how he never really wondered about it. Steel then points out how insecure he is over his leadership, despite having such a supportive and caring team. Surely is clear both have a lot in common.

“You think that… if your Steeljaw weren’t such a dreadful nemesis, you and him could have become-”

“Friends? I’m not sure… but it WOULD be worth trying if he gave me the chance.”

Well, the Decepticons do find out Bumblebee’s plans, but arrive too late; Nemesis Prime crosses the portal and fatally injures Steel. He however shows traces of insanity and claims the Earth for himself, calling his most loyal servent a weakling.

Steel is revived thanks to his team, who never really tried their weapons’ full potential. After their activate it, they manage to defeat Nemesis Prime once and for all. Bumblebee, despite his abuse, do show his hatred grew bigger, and as he runs away with his team, he swears revenge in his non-speaking way.

Steel and his team manage to get Bee a new portal, and he promises Steel that even if he doesn’t really become friends with his world’s Steeljaw, they would ALWAYS be Friends, and tells him to never doubt himself. Before he enters the portal, he also tells Steel he can use his catchphrase in that world, since no one was using it.

I cannot start one where I live, or go to where there might have one... but anyone ever thought of a Karamatsu Girl March?

I mean, enough of the abuse this poor man suffered! We have to let Studio Pierrrot know it’s time he gets the love he truly deserves!

GIF by kawaii-mbti

In the present, Bumblebee is a Cybertronian living on Earth, protecting it with his team of Autobots. Meanwhile, the mysterious Steeljaw tries to prevent Bumblebee of becoming a Prime by sealing a contract with Primus or Unicron, for either a curse or a wish.

* In this universe, the Cybertronians that lose hope become Decepticons and are comanded by Unicron. Practically, all Cybertronians are pieces on their battle against each other.

* Steeljaw was an Autobot that decided to become a Prime with Primus’ help to save Bumblebee from dying. With his time-travel ability, he witness the same three months over and over again.

Journal History


For some reason, Mami Tomoe's theme makes me think of Bumblebee and Steeljaw in TF: Goldbug. Mostly Steeljaw.

Any of you read Osomatsu-san: Bitter Restart already?
I'm happy to say Osomatsu-san: Bitter Restart's nearly finished! Thanks to the help of my friends :icontamishii: and :iconsakuranights:!
I'm obsessed with Charlotte from Puella Magi Madoka Magica! Love 

Charlotte initialform by YarasWorld
I want one for myself. Amigurumi or plush!

One I can hug and kiss, and call Charlie... I WANT A CHARLOTTE! Waaaah! 


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